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Our Mission:
Sigma Marketing is a provider of custom printing and related services focused on meeting customer needs through creativity, flexibility and on-time performance. Sigma values its partnership with customers, suppliers and employees, emphasizing long-term relationships and mutual trust.

Founded in Illinois in 1967 as a commercial printing business, Sigma Press Inc. was strategically developed to become Sigma Marketing. Sigma focused on print production and sales to a specific market segment that utilized desk pad calendars as a vehicle for advertising and sales promotion. Seeking friendlier climate, the administrative, marketing and prepress production facilities were relocated to Florida in 1985.

Sigma has provided quality, custom promotional calendars for many years, serving domestic and international markets. Personal service, our hallmark, is backed by a long history of satisfied customers. Our staff of professionals is both the foundation and the heartbeat of our business. Sigma meets the toughest quality and service standards while creating individualized products and programs.

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