Why Calendars?

Calendars are a practical gift and a powerful marketing tool!

Advertising is vital to the continued success of any business that relies on customers. Calendars are a cost-effective method of delivering your company's advertising message to your target market.

Your calendar becomes a symbol of your company's image. Calendars have great value and unlike many other forms of advertising, they are a welcomed and appreciated gift. Recipients rely on their calendars and use them many times a day.

  • You have complete control over the advertising message.
  • It is possible to include different product/service information every month.
  • You control the distribution of calendars so there is no wasted coverage.

Calendars are like having a sales rep in your customer's office every day. Surveys show that 97% of the promotional calendars given as gifts remain in the work place (an additional 2% are taken home). On average, a work space has five calendars. 98% of all people look at a calendar every day, and 74% remember the name of the advertiser! They provide continuous exposure advertising where buying decisions are made.

There is no extra work for you. After choosing a design and the marketing information, you leave the rest to us. From concept through fulfillment, Sigma will handle all the details.

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